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Your conference just got canceled. The tradeshow you have waited all year to exhibit at has been postponed. Your leadership has canceled all flights at your company. Now what? This is a question we were discussing in the SalesReach office after seeing all the alerts from our customers canceling their events and hearing from customers that they have been grounded. So we decided to quickly (and by quickly, we mean 1 day) spin up a virtual conference to address this new sales environment. Session 1: Personalization in Sales: Your Secret Weapon Session 2: Your Sales Force is Grounded. Now What? Session 3: Free Sales Tech to Save Your Quota This was originally recorded as a live webinar, but all sessions are now accessible below.

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Josh Fedie

I am the Founder and CEO of SalesReach. Sales & Marketing have always been passions of mine, but after seeing how sales has changed in my 20 years in the industry I decided to create a better system to help business development representatives create personalized experiences for their prospects. I believe that trust and velocity are closely aligned and that organizations are more successful when marketing and sales teams work together.


Session 1

Session 1: Listen to the rebroadcast

Personalization in Sales: Your Secret Weapon with Josh Fedie | CEO of SalesReach
Session 2

Session 2: Listen to the rebroadcast

Your Sales force is Grounded. Now What? Moderated by Josh Fedie with Guests Mickeli Bedore of Netsuite and Allen LeMay of Workday
Session 3

Session 3: Listen to the rebroadcast

Free Sales Tech to Save Your Quota. Moderated by Josh Fedie with Guests Jerod Greenisen of SalesReach and Robert Finney of 8X8
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