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Hi Harris,

Thanks for including me and SalesReach in your article.

You had asked if I could answer the question: "What is one way you recommend marketers or salespeople use digital sales room software to help close B2B deals?"

The simple answer to your question is that they should be used to Elevate the Buying Experience and for the Convenience of your Buyer, but tools like SalesReach also provides a lot of convenience for sales and marketing teams as well as you will see.

Since it's almost impossible for me to give you just one answer, I created this page on our platform to show you how it looks and to also provide some answers to how I think teams should rely on them. You will likely find value in the articles I have organized on this page and might even like the "Digital Sales Rooms Are The Way" Presentation loaded to this page below. Additionally, your audience will likely be curious about our HubSpot integration so I have included details on that here.

About the platform:

The brands that are winning today are winning on experience. What experience do you want to create for your buyers?

SalesReach helps align all customer facing teams via a central asset management system and intuitive page builder to create hyper personalized digital interactions with prospects throughout the sales cycle.

Help provide your prospects confidence in their decisions by better organizing all information and help declutter their inbox by keeping all relevant information contained to a central customer portal which can be easily shared with the entire review committee.

Better organization, process and personalization will 3x the likelihood of closing high-value low-regret deals.

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Josh Fedie

I am the Founder and CEO of SalesReach. Sales & Marketing have always been passions of mine, but after seeing how sales has changed in my 20 years in the industry I decided to create a better system to help business development representatives create personalized experiences for their prospects. I believe that trust and velocity are closely aligned and that organizations are more successful when marketing and sales teams work together.

Why SalesReach?

SalesReach HubSpot Integration

Explainer Video

Learn how the SalesReach + HubSpot integration can help your organization in your customer facing efforts.

HubSpot Marketplace Listing

SalesReach is in the HubSpot Marketplace!

Review our platform and integration with HubSpot in the marketplace.

Digital Sales Rooms Are The Way

Presentation: Digital Sales Rooms Are The Way

Watch the presentation to learn more about how changing your process to account for buyer needs using digital sales rooms can make your buyers journey better and help you close deals faster!

Why SalesReach?

Why SalesReach?

Your Prospects Deserve More. Let's Simplify The Sale.


The Sales Rebellion

Client Example: The Sales Rebellion, Sales Training & Coaching

The modern buyer demands a modern sales process. And who better to train the future sales rebels of tomorrow than The Sales Rebellion. Choose Legendary and check them out today!

Google Testimonial

Case Study: Google, Internet

Learn how Google, one of the most recognizable brands in the world and a pioneer in the cloud leverages SalesReach. Click the read the case study.

Nice Healthcare Testimonial

Client Story: Nice Healthcare, Hospital & Health Care

Nice Healthcare is a Nurse Practitioner-led primary care clinic that offers a suite of remote healthcare services. SalesReach empowered the team at Nice to scale 1:1 relationships with clients and greatly improved engagement rates. Click to see an example from Nice.

Lockton Testimonial

Client Example: Lockton, Insurance, Benefits & Wealth

Lockton Companies uses SalesReach in multiple divisions. Use cases include wealth & retirement services, insurance and recruiting

Buyer Enablement

Gartner Buyer Enablement Study

Gartner Study

Marketing-Fueled Buyer Enablement
The Sense Making Seller

The Sense Making Seller

How High-Performing Sellers Help Today’s Overwhelmed Buyers
PWC: Experience is Everything

The Future of Customer Experience

What truly makes for a good experience? Speed. Convenience. Consistency. Friendliness. And one big connector: A Human Touch.

Sandler Sales: What Buyers Want

Sandler Research Center

What Buyers Want and How Buyers Work

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